Restaurant review: A new kind of steakhouse at four-star Burch

"[Steaks] so tender that the restaurant’s sleek, French-made knives slide through the supple meat with barely any pressure."

"Truly excellent pizza." "...even the most basic Margherita sings with uncompromised promise."

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Burch: A New Steak House in Town

"...there is a new steak house in town that is quietly, subversively, without too much steak house bravado, turning the iconic American model on its ear for the modern eater...."

"Yeah, there’s a pizza bar in the basement of the steak house. It’s a whole other animal...."

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Burch delivers the cure for your hunger

" could eat at Burch every day for a month and never have to order the same exact steak twice."

"Everywhere people are silently chewing, having that love-at-first-bite moment, and slowly closing their eyes in what can only be described as beef bliss."

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Ultimate Weekend in Minneapolis

"...legendary local hospitality"

"Globe lamps cast a warm glow over this former pharmacy."

"Steak is at the heart of the menu...."

"...raw dishes spans everything from oysters to lamb tartare." 

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Is Burch the Steakhouse of the Future?

"The great thing about Burch is its range: you feel just as classy if you spend 25 bucks versus 100."

"...Burch is full of surprises." "Dinner here still feels like an indulgence, but without the genre’s usual chest-thumping attitude."

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Is There a Minnesota Style Pizza?

"...[Burch] has become downright exciting...."

"...they’re the pizza equivalent of kicking back to relax in the penthouse suite."

"...[Burch Pizza] knows the rules and leaves them in the dust when uninterested...."

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